Pony Party Snacks and Ideas
Horse theme snacks and ideas for a pony birthday party.

If your kid is horse crazy and you want to have a pony party, giddy-up to our party snack mix ideas for
a cowboy party, pink cowgirl party, My Little Pony Party, or other horse theme party. Here are some
fun ideas:

  • Get the party started by serving horsey party snacks in metal "feed" buckets. Try large
    galvanized buckets for drinks, medium ones for utensils, and small buckets for horse party
    favors. Party-goers will appreciate a horsey themed lunch in a bucket (a sandwich and apple
    with a bandanna napkin). Personalize buckets with a Sharpie (they write on metal) or
    decorate them with horse stickers.

  • Horse around with fun serving containers:
  • Chips are more fun when inserted into a burlap sack "feed bag" for a barnyard party.
    Use a Sharpie to write "feed bag." Or find a bushel basket to display snacks.
  • For a unicorn party, serve party snacks in waffle cones or colorful ice cream cones for
    a portable treat. Waffle cones look like unicorn horns, of course.
  • Pair popcorn bags with colorful party snack mixes to give a carnival feel to a carousel
    or Circus Horse party.
  • Serve party sweets in upturned mini plastic cowboy hats or plastic jockey helmets.
    Choose larger hats for chips. Or just dust off any cowboy hat or equestrian helmet
    and insert a bowl.

  • Candied Apples. All horses love apples, so make your own candy applies using your
    microwave. The Back To Basics Microwave Gourmet Apple Dipper holds one 14-oz bag or
    caramels or 12-oz bag of chocolate chips. Try Wilton meltable candies as well and dip into
    peanuts, jimmies or other candy sprinkles For a festive touch.

  • Mini Hay Bale Snacks. For a healthier snack option, choose Frosted Mini-Wheats by
    Kellogg's and tell the kids To eat their mini bales of hay. For a Pink Cowgirl Party, choose
    Frosted Mini-Wheats (Strawberry Delight). These treats have 20% fiber!

  • Make Bugle Calls. Bugles make a fun snack for a Unicorn Party (they look like horns, as well
    as Kentucky Derby Party or Horse show party because bugles are part of the horse race

  • "Happy Trails" Mix: If you're lucky enough To live near a  Trader Joes grocery store, then you
    can purchase a pack of 10 sealed trail mix packets sized perfectly For snacks or favors. The
    great thing about these packets is that they have no writing on the packaging, so you can
    affix a sticker label and print a custom message and decorate with Horse stamps or small
    stickers. Alternatively you can make your own trail mix and serve in mini buckets. Here's a
    message with lyrics from "Happy Trails" by Dale Evans Rogers.

    "Happy Trails" Mix
    "Some trails are happy ones,
    Others are blue.
    It's the way you ride the trail that counts,
    Here's a happy one For you."

How To Make a Classic Trail Mix:
Traditional trail mix has a blend of nuts, unsalted almonds with roasted cashews or peanuts and
something sweet. Try raisins or other dried fruit such as cranberries, dried pineapple or
unsweetened coconut shreds. In combo you get a nutty chewy texture. Then For a colorful splash
add a few scoops of candy coated chocolate. Experiment. Blend a few of your favorite snack
ingredients to make a pony party snack mix that matches your theme. Here are some horsey party
snack recipes to get you thinking.

  • GORP (Good Old Raisins and Peanuts)
    2 cups peanuts
    2 cups golden raisins
    1 package dried apricots
    1 package dried apples
    2 cups coated chocolate candies (pink M&Ms For a Pink Cowgirl party)

  • Pink Cowgirl Party Mix
    1 cup yogurt covered pretzel twists
    2 cups stick pretzels
    1 cup yogurt covered raisins
    1 cup pink personalized M&MS
    1 cup pink Jordan almonds
    serve in a pink cowgirl hat (turn it upside down and insert a bowl)
See pink party food ideas and our pink party food store

  • Carousel Horse Sweet Party Mix
    1 cup animal crackers (pink and white coated cookies)
    1 cup teddy bear-shaped chocolate or honey-flavored graham cracker
    2 cups small pretzel twists
    1 cup yogurt covered raisins
    1 cup candy-coated chocolates, such as M&Ms

  • Carousel Horse Savory Party Mix
    6 cups colorful "O" cereal
    1/2 cup Animal crackers
    1-1/2 cups stick pretzels
    1-1/2 cups cheese crackers (squares, fish or bunnies)
    1/2 cups chewy fruit snack (My Little Pony fruit chews)

  • Kentucky Derby Party Savory Mix
    3 cups Bugles
    1-1/2 cups stick pretzels
    1-1/2 cups cheese crackers
    1-1/2 cups Chex Cereal
    Serve in a plastic derby hat

  • My Little Pony Sweet Party Mix
    1 cup yogurt covered pretzel twists
    2 cups stick pretzels
    1 cup yogurt covered raisins
    1/2 cup chewy fruit snacks (My Little Pony fruit chews)

  • My Little Pony Popcorn Mix
    4 cups popcorn
    3 cups pretzel sticks
    1 cup chewy fruit snacks (My Little Pony fruit chews)
    1 cup chocolate covered raisins
    See our My Little Pony Pinkie Pie recipe.
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