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Now that you're savvy on how to get cash back from eBay and
you know how to list your eBay store there for free, it's time to
check out the top tools that every eBay seller should know about:

Wholesale / drop shipping tools:
  • Free wholesale source guide. Get valuable information you need to
    source products to sell on eBay with this wholesale guide. Get delivery
    on this absolutely free magazine now.

Spy tool:

eBay Feedback Tools:
  • Detailed Seller Rating watch: Are you feeling down by eBay's new
    feedback system? Here's a quick way to see how your competitors are
    doing in the Detailed Seller Ratings in the last 30 days.

  • Improve Detailed Seller Ratings on eBay:  Looking to improve your
    detailed seller ratings? Choose these simple and effective "five star"
    stickers that educate buyers about your interest in giving five star
    service. The sticker effectively educates buyers about shipping speed,
    which is especially important for sellers who use media mail.

  • Keep your eBay feedback in check! Don't let your reputation on eBay
    go down the toilet. Arm yourself with this important reputation
    monitoring tool for eBay feedback.

Interactive tools for your eBay listings:
  • More profitable listings for eBay sellers: Use interactive video
    characters to draw visitors to your listings which translates to more
    profits. Get 100 free listings with video, then when you see how well it
    works, pay just .25 cents each thereafter).

eBay Auction tools:
  • Are you thriving on eBay? While you may already have a gut feeling
    on the answer, this nifty eBay profit calculator will keep your eye on
    the money. Or check out this listing fee calculator to know what it's
    really costing you in listing and final value fees to sell on eBay.

Online selling resources:
  • Auction templates: Now you can have one look for all your auction sites
    -- whether its eBay, Bidville, iOffer, Overstock Auctions and many other
    listing sites -- and you don't need any HTML experience.

  • Become an Amazon affiliate or open an Amazon Web store of your very
    own. If you're sick of eBay's new feedback system, the best retribution
    is to leverage Amazon. Independent sellers are now welcome on
    Amazon in lots of categories --  to digital products, like eBooks. If you
    own the rights to an eBook you can sell it on Amazon.

  • Top eBay alternative sites. While eBay is currently the online auction
    giant, it's nice to know what other options you have (the good, the
    bad, and the ugly eBay alternatives).

Payment processing options:

  • Get a merchant account. Start accepting credit cards today. This
    payment processing option has no application fees and setup is free
    too. Start accepting Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover,
    Novus and Diners Club International in 24 hours.

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